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Wooden Prayer Request Box


Because prayer requests deserve a special place

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Collect your Prayer Requests in this Prayer Box

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These days, it seems more and more people are asking for prayers; hence, we created these beautiful wooden prayer boxes. Adorned with a bronze cross, this box is made out of cherry wood. Matthew 18:20 is laser engraved on the front. Embellished with only the best crystals, we use Austrian around the top and edges of the lid, making it a beautiful decor piece. Perfect for dropping in your prayer requests or any other treasures you want to keep. This beautiful wood box is perfect for year round gift giving.

All of our wooden boxes are handmade and laser engraved. This box is 6x6x6 (in) and has a hinged lid. Customize a prayer or keepsake box with your favorite wood and verse or poem to include names and dates or whatever graphics you might like, even a pic of your pup or friends and family. We do custom work and consequently, the majority of our boxes are personalized. Check out our Inspiration Page to see what some others have done with their boxes. If you want to start a custom box project, we would be thrilled to work on that with you.

Each of our Prayer Boxes contains a starter package of 25 Prayer Request Cards.  When you need more, we offer additional replacement 100-packs. This is the perfect place to drop your prayer cards so that you can relinquish them to God.

Would you like us to Pray for you?

Part of our ministry here at Rustic Elegance is praying for friends, family, our community and this great nation. We would like to extend our hand to you and add your prayer requests to our Global Prayer Box. As the Lord says in Matthew 18:20, “where two or three gather in My name, there am I with them”. This is a promise we have that gives us comfort in knowing He hears us.

The form below is simple. Feel free to include a name or if you aren’t comfortable, that’s ok too. Just fill out your prayer request and know that our family will be praying for you.

We would love to add your prayer request to our Prayer Box and uplift you in prayer.

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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in


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