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Real Cowboy Keepsake Box


Even cowboys have special keepsakes

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Giddy up Cowboy! Don't let this Keepsake Box get away

we put love into each item we create

In honor of our cowboys or the ones you love, we created the Country Charm Collection with this special design. As life moves along, we create memories and we tend to pick up little trinkets along the way. As a result, this memory box was created with a rustic design engraved on the front. The box has a cowboy hat on the lid.  Made out of maple wood, it is embellished with metal studs around the lid edges and corners in coordinating colors, making it a handsome decor piece. Ideas of things to store in this keepsake box include photos, cards, souvenirs picked up from family outings or even a blessing dropped in each day.  Perfect for the cowboy in your life any time of year to cherish special keepsakes. 

All of our wooden boxes are handmade and laser engraved. This memory box is 6x6x6 (in) and has a hinged lid. Customize a prayer/keepsake box with your favorite verse or poem, include names and dates or whatever graphics you might like, even a pic of your pup, friends or family. We do custom work and consequently, the majority of our box orders are personalized. Check out our Inspiration Page to see what some others have done with their boxes. If you want to start a custom box project, we’re super excited to work with you on it.

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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in


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