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Aquamarine Handmade Hanging Cross


These make great year round gifts

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Perfect any Occasion Gifts

Putting love and passion into your hands for years

Perfect for March birthdays, this stunningly beautiful Cross Ornament is decked out in aquamarine and clear crystals. Against the incredible grain of the olive wood, even the medallion on this cross boasts an aquamarine color. Each decorative cross is 4.75″ tall and not only for hanging on a tree, but anywhere. If you want to hang on the wall instead, they can be prepared that way as well.

These handmade crosses feature Austrian crystals to add some beautiful sparkle to any space. Hang them on a door handle, rear view mirror, Christmas tree or hang on your wall. If you prefer to set on a table, we offer Ornament Stands too. Each cross is made by hand using Olive Wood from Bethlehem.

the details

These decorative crosses come in many colors and themes. Each cross is simply packaged, ready for year-round gift giving. In the package is a tag that describes the history and where it came from. If you want to build your own, refer to theĀ Custom Cross OrnamentĀ listing.

Olive Wood is a symbol of eternal life. The Olive Tree grows in the Holy Land and can survive for up to 2000 years. It has been highly admired since ancient times and was proclaimed as a blessed tree. Each cross is unique in its beauty and each is hand carved.

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Weight .375 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in


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